Prophetic Ministries is a big SCAM

So called prophetic ministries is a HUGE SCAM, it is a distraction. It distracts people from following Jesus Christ. Prophets cannot tell you where to run to and what will happen tomorrow. Only GOD knows and if you follow Jesus, HE HIMSELF will guide you step by step. Many people follow these prophetic ministries. They hang on the lips of so called prophetic ministries, people who use their own mind to try and work out what God will do next by examining prophecies in the Scriptures. They are just guessing and distracting people from following Jesus Christ.

Jesus said: “Follow Me” and He will guide you, He will teach you. You will not be in darkness but if you spend your time watching prophetic videos and listening to these prophetic ministries then you will not be following Jesus. You will be in darkness. Jesus reveals His secrets to those who love Him, who obey Him and who follow Him. His secrets are not in the Scriptures and even if you read the Scriptures you will not find the secrets there because it is not a secret anymore. He will tell you His secrets if you walk with Him.

If you listen to people you will be in darkness. If you follow Jesus and listen to Him then you will be in the Light. You will know the Truth and the Truth will guide you and set you free. Who are you listening to? To people, or are you following Jesus Himself?

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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