Don’t give up

Many people start out well, following Jesus Christ but very few persist and endure until the end. Many have fallen away, they have given up. Many have backslidden and come back to Jesus and backslidden again and come back again, and they have totally lost hope, they have been entangled back in sin and they are worse off than they were before.

The kingdom of God is for those who ENDURE, it is for WINNERS, it is not for losers. Only those who endure until the end, who follow Jesus Christ until the very end, only they will win the prize of eternal life. Only those who OBEY Jesus Christ, who deny themselves, pick up their cross daily and follow Jesus, who OBEY His words, those who have learned endurance, perseverance, and longsuffering, patience, those are the ones who will win the prize of eternal life. But the quitters and those who give up, they are the losers and they will not enter the kingdom of Heaven.

If you have given up, if you have backslidden, get back, get back on the road! Start following Jesus and ENDURE UNTIL THE VERY END or else everything that you have suffered and given up, it will all be in vain because you will spend eternity in hell. If you cannot walk with Jesus NOW, every day, and submit to Him you will not spend eternity with Him. The kingdom of heaven is for those who endure, it is not for quitters.

Don’t be a quitter! Get back to Jesus and run the rest of the race with endurance until the very end.

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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