The Slave Mentality

If you are a truly born again child of God then you love Jesus Christ and you WANT to DO what is pleasing to Him. You are not interested in the things of the world and neither are you hooked on the things of the world. Many believers say that they cannot stop sinning, they cannot stop watching pornography, they cannot stop watching TV or stop playing video games, they are hooked on those things, they are addicted, they are SLAVES. They are slaves to sin.

Jesus said that if a person sins he is a slave to sin. Whomever the Son of God has set free will be FREE and free indeed. If you are truly born again then your LOYALTY, your ALLEGIANCE lies with Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God and you have no business with sin, you gladly follow Jesus Christ and DO the will of God.

Many believers say they are saved by grace and not by works, they don’t want to WORK for the kingdom of God. It is because they are SLAVES. They have a SLAVE MENTALITY, they are LAZY. They don’t want to work for the kingdom of God because they do not belong to Jesus they do not BELONG the kingdom of God. If you are a child of God then you will become an heir of the kingdom of God, you will INHERIT the kingdom of God And therefor those who are truly born again WORK for the kingdom of God. They build the kingdom of God, they are not slaves they are sons. The SON WORKS HARDER THAN A SLAVE but WITHOUT REWARD and he doesn’t care because he is working on his own inheritance. Many believers are working for the kingdom of God and getting paid, they are hirelings. The SLAVE does not remain in the house for ever but the son does. Those who have received their reward already will have no inheritance. It is those who apply themselves to the kingdom of God, who give up everything to follow Jesus and to obey Him, they are the sons of God and they have an expectation of an inheritance. They don’t mind working for the kingdom of God, they don’t mind testifying for Jesus, they are not ashamed of Jesus Christ because they are part of the kingdom of God, it is their life! Jesus is their life.

Are you a child of the kingdom of God or are you a slave with a slave mentality, a person who runs back to sin at the first opportunity, who finds it DIFFICULT to follow Jesus Christ? Where your treasure is there your heart will also be. Where is your treasure? Is your treasure in this world that will perish, and with all these things that will stay behind when you die? Or do you have a treasure in heaven? Do you have an inheritance that is waiting for you because you are WORKING ON IT RIGHT NOW, you are building on it, through your relationship with Jesus and your obedience to Him? Are you building the kingdom of God? Are you LIVING for the kingdom of God, bringing others to repentance and obedience to Jesus? Are you bringing souls into the kingdom of God or do you have a slave mentality? Do you want to do the minimum?

Do you go by the Book? Do you want to know what is in it for you? And do you stand on your RIGHTS? Or have you given up everything for Jesus? Is Jesus your reality or do you go by the Book, by the rules? The rules are for the slaves, the sons HEAR THE VOICE OF THE FATHER, they LISTEN to Jesus and they FOLLOW Him. Are you a slave or a son? Do you know the Master’s voice and do you follow Him? May Jesus bless you.

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A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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