Eternal life is about WALKING WITH GOD, following Jesus. All other ways lead to destruction. We can only walk with Jesus if we turn away from everything else, even from doing our own thing, doing what we please. We have to FOLLOW JESUS to have eternal life.

It is like walking a tight rope over a high ravine, you have to keep your eye on the other side. If you look down and you lose balance you will plunge to death. A person who is walking a tight rope cannot look around, he cannot look down, he cannot afford to be distracted because then he will fall and even if he does his utmost he can also fall. That is what it is like to walk with God, to follow Jesus. The moment that you take your eyes, your focus off Jesus, you are bound to fail, you are bound to plunge to death.

Believers cannot understand why, as they say, God does not speak to them. It is because they are not walking with God. It is because they are not following Jesus Christ. If is because they are not LISTENING to Jesus. They are busy with other things, things more important, their own mind, their own ideas. They listen to the wrong voices, they are busy with the wrong things. They are NOT following Jesus. They will not reach the other side! They just won’t make it.

Are you walking with God? Have you forsaken everything, even yourself and are you seeking Jesus all the time? Are you focused on Him or are you busy with other things? You cannot be sinning, loving the world, being conformed to the world, doing the things of the world and still be following Jesus Christ. You are to be RIGHTEOUS, HOLY, DEDICATED and always SEEKING Him, always focused on Him or else you are NOT walking with God and you WILL NOT MAKE IT into the kingdom of Heaven.

If you do not start walking with God, following Jesus Christ RIGHT NOW, you won’t make it! You will end up in damnation. If you are not on the straight and narrow road right now, you will not find the narrow door into the kingdom of Heaven. Are you walking that straight and narrow path, following Jesus Christ? Will you make it into the Kingdom of Heaven?

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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