Prepaid Salvation Communication by IM

Many modern believers subscribe to a modernistic PREPAID SALVATION. They believe that Jesus Christ has PAID IT ALL, He has done it all for them and if they just believe IN Him then they have salvation. They think that they can IM, SMS, Instant Message Him, just like with a cellphone and they call that a RELATIONSHIP. They BELIEVE that they are saved because they repeated a rhyme, they said some SINNERS PRAYER and they read the manual, the Bible, but they do not have a relationship with the living God, Jesus Christ.

Jesus is Emmanuel, GOD WITH US, God IN us. Jesus knocks at the door of every heart and He wants to COME IN. He wants to DINE WITH US, He wants to LIVE with us, He wants our spirit to unite with His Spirit so that we can have a relationship with Him, be led by His Spirit and follow Him every day. A relationship is not a SMS an IM that you quickly send with your cellphone: “Lord Jesus please forgive me, I sinned today!” or “Lord Jesus, I need this.. and that.” No! A relationship is a CLOSE WALK with another person, a close walk with Jesus. It is COMMUNICATION, where you LISTEN to the other person, where you HEAR what they say. Jesus said:”My sheep LISTEN to My voice and they FOLLOW Me.” Do you LISTEN to Jesus? Do you HEAR His voice? Do you KNOW Him for real, are you in a REAL RELATIONSHIP or do you just send Him quick prayers, requests? How REAL is your relationship with Jesus? Do you WAIT on Him, LISTEN to Him, FOLLOW Him, GO where He sends you, DO what He tells you? Do you KNOW HIM? Do you KNOW the PERSON Jesus Christ? Because He will say to many believers in that day, people who KNEW THEIR BIBLES, people who cast out demons in Jesus Name, who built churches, He will say to them :”Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness!” We can only DO the things that are pleasing to Jesus IF we are in that close relationship with Him, if we FOLLOW Him every day, WAIT on Him, PRAY, LISTEN, truly get to KNOW Him; only THEN can we follow Him.

Do you KNOW Jesus Christ for REAL? Or do you have a PREPAID, IM RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ? You BELIEVE you are saved and you send Him little prayers and you hope to see Him one day but you don’t really know Him? Do you really KNOW Jesus Christ and does HE KNOW YOU?

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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