Born Again – Transformed not Indoctrinated

Many people claim to be born again but they are not, they do not know Jesus Christ. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Master, and Jesus Christ is IN YOU and you are IN CHRIST, then you HAVE THE MIND OF CHRIST and then you want to do His will. You do not gradually change your mind. Immediately, when you accept Jesus, He TRANSFORMS YOU, YOU BECOME A NEW PERSON. “He who is in Christ is a NEW MAN”, you are transformed because then you can SEE the kingdom of God, you experience Jesus Christ as your LORD, your MASTER. You want to please Him. The old things have passed away, everything has become NEW, you are a NEW MAN and you want to please your Master, Jesus Christ.

Have YOU been born again? Have you been transformed? Has Jesus Christ come into your life, into your heart? Has he transformed your mind or are you still the same person? ARE YOU TRYING TO BE WHAT YOU ARE NOT? That is why believers cannot stop sinning, inside they are not transformed. They are still what they used to be. They are lovers of sin and lovers of this world and haters of God BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT BORN AGAIN. They haven’t met Jesus. If you have met Jesus AND you have accepted Him as your King, He transforms you IN A MOMENT, and you love Him, you hate sin, you don’t care for the things of the world BECAUSE YOU CAN SEE THE KINGDOM OF GOD and you WANT TO BE PLEASING TO THE KING.

Have YOU been born again? Are you a new man? Are you IN CHRIST? Have you been TRANSFORMED?

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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