Don’t get caught

The whole world is under the power and the influence of the evil one. We are born with evil forces controlling and influencing us, causing us to sin. From birth we often do things spontaneously that are wrong. It is because these evil forces are influencing and controlling us.

But Jesus Christ came to make us free and if we accept Jesus, embrace Him, invite Him into our lives, He will set us free so that we can OBEY Him and that we can have self-control, that WE are in control of our lives. But after that, if we open the door again for the devil he gains a foothold and then the end of such a person is worse than the beginning.

People open the door to the devil in many ways, through sin, through watching TV, pornography, movies, playing violent video games… They open the door for these demons to come into them and then these demons take control of them and that is why many believers say they CANNOT STOP SINNING. They have opened the door to the devil again and they have become bound by satan.

Jesus said that he who sins is a slave of sin, but Jesus can make you free. If you then go back to sin you get caught into worse bondage.

Jesus said: If the evil spirit has gone out of the person he goes over waterless places and then he comes back and he finds his house clean and in order and then he takes seven demons worse than himself and they possess that person and the end of that person is worse than the beginning. It is important that once Jesus has delivered us from the power of evil that we STAY WITH HIM. We have to reserve this temple (our body) for Jesus Christ and KEEP THE DEVIL OUT because if we give him a foothold then we will get caught and our end will be worse than our beginning.

If you have been caught by satan, go back to Jesus, submit yourself to Jesus, cry out to Him, REPENT of your sin, plead forgiveness and then RESIST THE DEVIL IN THE NAME OF JESUS AND HE WILL FLEE FROM YOU but YOU WILL HAVE TO FIGHT HIM OFF and keep him outside or else he will destroy you.

Don’t get caught by the devil. The wages of sin is death.

May Jesus bless you.


About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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