Achieving your ambition

Every man is the slave of his ambition and achieving your goals in life will take your utmost effort and dedication. It is no different with your relationship with Jesus. Jesus said:”Narrow is the door that leads to life and few their be that find it.” If you are not willing to give up EVERYTHING and apply yourself absolutely to obeying Jesus and DOING what is pleasing to Him, you won’t make it.

A relationship is not just faith or words, it is action. You can tell a person that you love them but if your actions do not prove it, your deeds, then your relationship will fall apart or not exist at all. It is our DEEDS that prove our relationship, our service and our dedication to Jesus. Jesus said:”Why do you call Me Lord, Lord and do not what I say?” If we love somebody then nothing is too much trouble. People say they cannot stop sinning, they cannot obey the words of Jesus. If you REALLY want to, you will do EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO BE PLEASING TO JESUS. You will do your UTMOST BEST, and Jesus said that even those who do their UTMOST BEST will not all make it. When they asked Him:”Lord are those who are being saved few?” He said:”Many will try but not be able. STRIVE, STRIVE HARD.” Are we striving HARD? Is it our ambition to be pleasing to Jesus or are other things more important? Because if we do not put every bit of effort into it WE WILL NOT MAKE IT. It will take your UTMOST DEDICATION and ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE to Jesus Christ and then you might just not make it.

Believing that you are saved just puts you into a FOOLS PARADISE. If you are not WORKING at your salvation and proving by your deeds that you are absolutely dedicated to Jesus. if you are not willing to give up EVERYTHING to follow Him and obey Him you are not worthy of Him and you WILL NOT enter the kingdom of heaven.

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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