Perfect happiness

Real happiness and fulfillment can only be found in the right relationship with Jesus Christ. People look for happiness in relationships, in achievement, in money and in many other things but in the end they are disappointed.

Only Jesus can fill that part in our lives. Only Jesus can give us real contentment and happiness. God has a plan for each of us in His kingdom and we can only be content, happy, satisfied if we live in close relationship with Jesus and we are DOING what He tells us to do, IF we are WORKING GOD’S PLAN, IF we are living in utter obedience to Jesus even though the whole world might be mad at us, might be rejecting us, persecuting us even killing us. Being in that close relationship with Jesus is all that matters.

This life is very short. Before you know it’s over and then we will stand before Jesus Christ to be judged. He will reward every man according to his deeds, whether he walked in close relationship with Him and DID according to His plan, was led by His Spirit. You cannot find happiness in anything else but in that close relationship with Jesus Christ.

May Jesus bless you.

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2 Responses to Perfect happiness

  1. icthus says:

    I know Jesus is my Lord and Saviour. He has brought me through many ordeals. I am frustrated however in not knowing what I should be doing, or could be doing, for Him. I began to train for ordination but stopped. I blamed the church and how it missed the point of the gospel. I became a secondary school teacher and taught religious studies but stopped. I blamed the school for not taking the subject seriously. I know the root cause must be me but I don’t know where to look anymore. I have given it to the Lord but there has been no action. I know that we are to spread the gospel and it saddens me deeply to say this, but I don’t care if the world hears it. They must know it in their hearts. I accepted Christ only after I looked for Him. Yes, I am sure he knocked on the door. No one preached the gospel of Christ to me, I felt it and initially fought hard against it. I studied the bible in a vain attempt to disprove it but soon discovered the truth within. Obviously I still fight against it now. The world no longer cares. Resources are widespread for those with even an inkling of curiousity about the faith. They don’t want to know and for that matter most churches today don’t want to tell them the Truth of the gospel. It infringes upon peoples warm and fuzzy feelings about “spirituality” and freedom of expression. As in the days before Noah. Anyway I am rambling now so I will stop.

    • Friend, it is all about our relationship with Jesus and sharing out testimony. If we love Jesus our life is about pleasing Him and all we can talk about is Jesus. Seek Jesus first, get your relationship with Him right then you will have much to talk about. I witness for Jesus because He is my life. When you are living with the One you love it is easy to talk about that person. May Jesus bless you.

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