Take ownership of your inheritance

Those who turn to Jesus Christ, who follow and obey Him are born again into the kingdom of God. They become part of the kingdom of God and they serve Jesus Christ as Lord but more than that, their inheritance is the kingdom of God itself IF they endure until the end, IF they follow Jesus Christ as Lord until the very end of their lives.

If we follow Jesus Christ we must now already take possession (ownership) and responsibility of the kingdom of God. We have to work for the kingdom of God and expand it, witness for Jesus and bring more souls into His kingdom so that the kingdom can grow. The kingdom is our inheritance IF we endure and follow Jesus Christ until the end. We must care for souls that are being lost. That same attitude that was in Jesus Christ, must be in us. We must do the same works that He did. He showed us the example. We must live and walk as Jesus walked in utter obedience to the Father.

Our purpose is to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness and to build His kingdom. If we do not endure until the end we will not inherit that kingdom of God. We have to work on it NOW. If we are of the world then we don’t have an expectation of the kingdom of God. If we are building kingdoms in this world then we are of the world. We have to be building the kingdom of God. Our focus must be on Jesus and on building His kingdom, our inheritance, IF WE ENDURE!

Jesus said that until John the baptist the Law and the Prophets was preached but since John the baptist the kingdom of God is preached and violent men take it by force! (Luke 16:16). Are you taking the kingdom of God by FORCE? Are you going after it with all your power, following, obeying and serving Jesus Christ? If you do not go after it with everything that is in you, you just won’t make it!

May Jesus bless you.  

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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