God’s discipline is SEVERE


God is kind and merciful to those who repent from their wicked ways and who come to Him with a serious heart, with a contrite heart, who stop sinning and who obey Him, but He is severe on those who reject Him who disregard Him and who continue in their wickedness.

The words of Jesus, the words of life, are exact and if we want eternal life we must obey Him. By His mercy and His grace He forgives our past sin IF we truly repent. He promises us eternal life IF we obey Him, but if we disregard Him and we reject His words HIS JUDGMENT ON US IS SEVERE. The discipline of God is severe on those whom He accepts as children. He scourges every son that He accepts, He does not work lightly with His children. He does not spoil them. He treats them harshly so that they can learn His ways.

Jesus Christ, even though He was a son learned obedience through what He suffered. If you follow Jesus Christ and become a child of God you will suffer according to the flesh because those who have suffered according to the flesh have ceased from sinning. Jesus will not spoil you, He will work harshly with you when you sin because He wants you to share in His holiness. If you reject His discipline He will deal severely with you, harshly, you will END UP IN HELL.

Consider the mercy of God, that He accepts a sinner, an undeserving sinner who repents. He gives them grace and mercy but if they go back to sin and if they disobey Him He is severe and harsh and they will perish. God is not mocked. If you are a child of God you obey God. God is not a respecter of persons, He has one standard of obedience and holiness. If you are a child of God, you OBEY GOD, YOU DO NOT SIN. You live in UTTER HOLINESS and obedience to Him. His discipline is severe on those who are His children. He does not accept ANY DEVIATION. It is GOD’S WAY or it is NO WAY.

Are you following Jesus on the narrow way or are you disregarding Him because YOU WILL PERISH. There is only one way to be pleasing to God and that is through utter OBEDIENCE, UTTER DEDICATION. You GO where He sends you and you DO what He tells you or else YOU ARE NONE OF HIM.

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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2 Responses to God’s discipline is SEVERE

  1. Crysloves says:

    Not the morning word I prefer, but one that’s needed. Much appreciated.

  2. Milos says:

    We are all sinners but a children of God do not practice sin!
    May Jesus bless you

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