Victims of the American fake gospel

The vast majority of American believers are products of the American FAKE CHRISTIANITY that reduces everything to a commodity that can be sold and used. Salvation is not a procedure, it is not a process. It is not a sequence of steps that you go through. It is not a box full of gimmicks that you have to apply and then you have salvation.
Salvation is a relationship with the Living God, it is KNOWING Jesus Christ FOR REAL. It is not about a Bible or a doctrine, it is a RELATIONSHIP and if you haven’t met Jesus Christ and if you do not know Him for real, if you do not worship Him in SPIRIT AND TRUTH then you don’t have salvation. It is not a matter of bible verses and application of Bible verses and scriptures. It Is a RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS. His sheep LISTEN to His voice and they FOLLOW HIM. It is not a process, it is a relationship. When you meet Him you either decide to throw everything over board and to OBEY Him, you LOVE Him and to FOLLOW Him until the very end of your life or you are not interested. You don’t go through step 1, step 2, step 3 or drink a pill, or take a shot. You either FOLLOW JESUS and you KNOW HIM FOR REAL or you don’t. You IMMEDIATELY STOP SINNING, you REPENT of YOURSELF, you TURN AWAY FROM yourself and serving yourself and you GO AFTER Jesus with everything that is in you because HE IS YOUR REALITY. HE IS YOUR REALITY! If Jesus Christ is not your REALITY then you are a deceived fake Christian like most Americans. They DO NOT KNOW JESUS. Many of them just know the Bible, they know their doctrines but Jesus Christ is no reality to them. They do not know the power of God. If Jesus Christ is not your reality then you do not have salvation.
JESUS CHRIST IS SALVATION. YOUR SALVATION DEPENDS ON YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM. He will say to many of YOU in that day:”Go away I never knew you.” You will say:”I repented, I was baptized, I went to church, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit, I did this and I did that…” And Jesus will say:”I never knew you, go away from Me.” You went through the motions but you never WALKED WITH THE KING because you NEVER KNEW HIM, YOU NEVER MET HIM. YOU NEVER LABORED IN PRAYER, YOU NEVER SOUGHT HIM WITH ALL YOUR POWER! YOU NEVER KNEW JESUS CHRIST!
You were victims of the AMERICAN FAKE GOSPEL, “ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED!,” go through process 1,2,3, and now you are saved! THERE IS NO SUCH THING! Either you know Jesus and you OBEY Him or else you have NO RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM. Have you met Jesus Christ or are you playing religious games? Are you the victim of the AMERICAN FAKE GOSPEL? GET ON YOUR KNEES AND CRY OUT TO JESUS TODAY!
Forget about everything else. Forget about everything else! Get on your knees and cry out to the Living God and Jesus Christ Himself will reveal Himself to you but GET SERIOUS! GET INTO A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LIVING GOD OR YOU WILL PERISH! STOP SINNING and OBEY HIM! If Jesus is not your life YOU ARE LOST!
Get to KNOW the KING and SERVE Him with all your power. Jesus Christ is LORD and if you don’t serve Him as Lord and if you don’t KNOW Him, if you don’t know His voice, YOU ARE LOST! CRY OUT TO HIM, HE IS ALIVE! He will speak to you, He will reveal Himself to you IF you seek Him with all your heart.
REMEMBER! IT IS NOT A PROCESS, IT IS A RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST! Is He real to you? If not, you just don’t know Him. YOU ARE LOST! WAKE UP! Seek Jesus before it is too late.
May Jesus bless you

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A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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1 Response to Victims of the American fake gospel

  1. smooothlegs says:

    AMEN BROTHER Justice I learned that once saved always saved But the Spirit of GOD kept Bringing Go away I never Knew you to me and praise JESUS you have been used to Clear this UP and Define what JESUS is Doing in my life! By Preaching Jesus And Jesus Alone Narrow Is the Gate Jesus is the way Deny Self take cross follow JESUS
    the Lord is Graciously Speaking clearly in your Post’s Praise FATHER SON HOLY GHOST HE GOD WILL SHOW HIMSELF TO ANY WHO DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM

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