Why I do not sin

I am not a good person and I have done many evil things in my life even after I first met Jesus, but since I have come to know Jesus better I know that He does not tolerate any disobedience or any sin. The road that you are on determines where you will end up.

If we are on the wide road to destruction, that is where we will end up. But if we want to have eternal life and spend eternity with Jesus then we must now already start spending our life with and for Jesus.

I DO NOT SIN. My mind is always on Jesus and I am always seeking to please Him because I know that that is the only road that leads to life. It is not because I am good. It is because I know Jesus. I love Him, I fear Him and I obey Him. That is my choice. I do not want to go back on the broad road to destruction.

Jesus does not reveal Himself to you if you live in sin. You have to be pure and holy, and then He will speak to you. He will guide you. You will enjoy His companionship, His fellowship and His presence, but the moment you sin, that sin comes between you and Jesus and if you do not repent you will perish if you should die at that moment.

It was for ONE SIN that Adam died. God has not changed. Jesus said:”Be ye perfect like your Father in heaven is perfect.” He requires a PERFECT relationship with us. If you follow Jesus, you DO NOT SIN. King David said:”I have kept Thy words in my heart that I will not sin against Thee.”Psalm 119:11.

Jesus lives in my heart and I WILL NOT SIN against Him.

May Jesus bless you

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2 Responses to Why I do not sin

  1. Crysloves says:

    I dont agree that if we sin and do not repent before we die we will perish. Jesus took the wrath of God for us on the cross. When we receive the gift of Salvation through our Faith in Christ we have been redeemed. Made pure, seated on the throne with Christ. God now looks upon us through Christ. I do believe that we can live sinless lives through Christ, but it is a process gaining this relationship. We are beibg sanctified through our Faith in Him. To LIVE in sin after knowing the truth of your sin, then yes Hebrews 10:26 says there will be no sacrifice left for you. In Matthew 9 Jesus healed the blind men and told them not to tell anyone, yet they did. So they disobeyed what He told them and He does NOT take their healing from them, and He will not take away our healing either.

    • God gives good gifts to ALL men, good and bad and He does not take His gifts away. He makes His sun shine on good an devil. His gifts are not a sign of His approval only of whom He is, GOD IS GOOD. The soul that sins will DIE. Deductive reasoning does not predict God. OBEY Jesus and SIN NO MORE or else you will PERISH, friend.

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