Relationship is HARD WORK

A successful relationship requires extremely hard work and that is why most relationships fail. That is why most marriages fail, it is because the partners are not willing to work hard at that relationship.

That is also the reason why most believers will not have eternal life. They are not willing to work on their relationship with Jesus. They are not willing to go after Him. They are not willing to deny themselves, pick up their cross and follow Jesus Christ every day. Therefor they will not have eternal life.

Are you willing to put EVERYTHING into your relationship with Jesus? Are you willing to sacrifice yourself , your own will, your own pleasures, your own desires, in order to be pleasing to Jesus? If you are not willing to put everything into your relationship with Jesus Christ, you will not have eternal life.

Jesus gave everything for us and He requires of us that we put EVERYTHING into our relationship with Him. If we cannot OBEY Jesus and be pleasing to Him, we will not have eternal life.

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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1 Response to Relationship is HARD WORK

  1. Linda C Carter says:

    After years of following God, learning His Word, doing all I thought I needed to do, God spoke to me and said “You need to learn more and more about Jesus .”After pursuing revelation of Christ I desired more and more, and found it to be so true, it takes the Holy Spirit to reveal Him and His teachings, His Truth to me. But then I could not be content to go to the churches, I have tried so many. There is a small group of us in this same situation, church not only satisfies, it greives our hearts, sometimes makes me mad and others just sad, but Jesus Christ is worth it all.

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