Seriously religious but LOST

Most professing Christians are seriously religious but they are LOST because they do not KNOW Jesus Christ. Many have grown up in Christianity or in their denomination and they believe their doctrines to be true and right. Many believe the Bible to be true because they have been told so by their parents and by other people. They have been indoctrinated, brainwashed. Some people have been converted to Christianity, they have had a change in their head but nothing happened in their hearts and you can see it by their fruit by the way that they live.

Most professing Christians do not obey Jesus Christ, they do not follow Jesus Christ, they do not KNOW Jesus Christ and they are LOST. They believe that they have salvation and they believe that they are right but they do not know Jesus Christ and He will say to them one day:”Go away I never knew you.” Most of those people, if they had been born into another religion they would have been as serious and ardent about that specific religion. The problem is that most professing Christians do not know Jesus Christ, they are SINNERS.

If you have met Jesus Christ then you are immediately changed, your heart is changed. Immediately you want to be pure and holy like Him. Immediately you want to please Him and serve Him but most Christians are SINNERS, many are professing SINNERS because they don’t know Jesus. If you know Jesus you will hate sin, you will FEAR sin, you will SEEK HOLINESS and you will seek to be pleasing to Jesus. But if at heart you are still a sinner then you do not belong to Jesus. Either you never met Him or like the dog you have gone back to your own vomit. If you know Jesus Christ then you will not sin, you will seek to be pure and holy and pleasing to Him all the time. All that will be on your mind is Jesus and being pleasing to Him.

Did you have a change of heart or were you just brainwashed? Were you just converted to Christianity?

If your relationship with Jesus Christ is not real from, the heart then you are lost and He will say to you one day:”Go away I never knew you.” A tree is known by its fruit. If we believe in Jesus Christ and we are born of the Spirit of God we will be like Jesus in every respect.

Are we like Jesus or are we just religious fanatics?

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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