Unfaithful fornicating adulterating Christians will perish

Jesus Christ is coming for a pure bride. Those who have accepted Jesus and who have committed to Him must keep themselves pure unto Him. He is a jealous God and He will not tolerate it when those who have promised themselves to Him, when they adulterate and fornicate away from Him, when they find their pleasures in the world and in the things of the world.

If we find our pleasure in other things, the things of the world and if we fornicate with the world, if we love sin and the pleasures of the flesh then we are not suitable as a bride for Jesus Christ. He is faithful to those who accept Him but if they are unfaithful to Him then they disqualify themselves and they are not suitable for His Kingdom. Jesus requires of us that we keep ourselves pure, unsoiled from the world and that we devote ourselves to Him personally in a close relationship with HIM, praying, waiting on Him, listening to His voice, being led by Him, being taught by Him and living a life that is pleasing to Jesus.

If we do not have the desire to be with Jesus, to be pleasing to Him and if we do not reserve ourselves unto Him for His use only, being holy as He is holy then we are not suitable for His kingdom and He will reject us. Very few who profess to be Christians are suitable for the kingdom of heaven. HE IS A JEALOUS GOD AND HE WILL NOT TOLERATE UNFAITHFULNESS.

Are you faithful to Jesus? Do you truly love Him and do you reserve yourself unto Him? If not, He will reject you! Seek Him with all your heart and serve Him with all your power or else He will say to you:”Go away from Me I never knew you.”

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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