Bible study will not save you

The world is besotted, chasing after knowledge. People believe that knowledge is power and that is why believers go after Bible knowledge. They think that Bible knowledge will give them eternal life.

Bible knowledge does not help you to get into the kingdom of heaven. IT IS NOT WHAT YOU KNOW, IT IS WHOM YOU KNOW and WHO KNOWS YOU. Many people think that if they have qualifications they will get a high powered job and then they only find out later IT DEPENDS ON WHO KNOWS YOU. That determines whether you get the job or not.

In the kingdom of Heaven it depends on whether Jesus Christ knows you, because He will say to many people in that day :”Go away I never knew you.” They will say:”Lord we preached, we had churches, we did many things in Your name.” And He will say:”Go away I never knew you. You workers of wickedness.”

The question is: DOES JESUS CHRIST KNOW YOU? AND DOES HE KNOW ME? If Jesus does not know us there is no way that we will enter into the kingdom of Heaven. You don’t get to know Jesus through Bible study. You get to know Him when you fall on your knees and you seek Him with all your heart, and He will reveal Himself to you. If you know Jesus you will fear Him, you will respect Him and you will obey Him. You will SIN NO MORE. You will seek more and more of Him, more and more of His revelation in your life. You will want to be sure every moment, that Jesus is still pleased with you.

Do you know Jesus Christ and does Jesus know you? His sheep listen to His voice and they follow Him. Do you know His voice? Do you LISTEN to Him and do you FOLLOW Him? Or are you busy with Bible study? You need to know Jesus Christ and He needs to know you!

May Jesus bless you.

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A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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