Transformed Inside

A person who is born again of the Spirit of God is a new creation, instantaneously, he is a different person. The moment that you meet Jesus Christ, you are transformed, you are changed into a new man; you KNOW Jesus is ALIVE, He s real and you know that you need Him. You know He is Lord and you want to serve Him and you want to please Him, that’s all that matters to you.

Most believers were never born again, they never met Jesus, they don’t know Him. They just took on religion because they were scared of going to hell. They were conned into saying a sinners prayer and then they believed that they were saved. They joined a group or a church who told them that they have salvation now, they have been taught some Bible scriptures and based on the scriptures they believe that they have done the right thing and now they have eternal life.

If you have not met Jesus you don’t have life. If you do not experience Him as real then you don’t know Him. If you were not transformed and you did not become a new creature then no change has taken place, then your change is only on the surface but in your heart nothing has happened. Most believers are exactly the same as the rest of the world, they are only deceived, they believe that they are saved, they believe that they have salvation but they believe a lie because they don’t know Jesus.

If you know Jesus you will be different. You will not be interested in the things of the world. You will be interested in the kingdom of God and you will be seeking more and more of Jesus. Most believers are just hypocrites, they got a bit of Bible knowledge and they fight about their religion but they don’t know Jesus. They have got no testimony because they they have got no relationship with Him, they don’t know Him. They have never been transformed.

Have you met Jesus Christ the LIVING God? Were you changed to your core? Are you a different person? Do you experience Jesus Christ as real or have you just taken on religion? If you seek Jesus with all your heart He will reveal Himself to you and you will never doubt again. You will know that Jesus Christ is alive, He is the LIVING GOD.

Seek Jesus and ask Him to transform you into a child of God.

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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