God of the Valleys

Many people experience wonderful joy, peace, and euphoria when they first come to Jesus and after a few days it wears off and then they are very disappointed. Jesus has never left us, but following Jesus is not about always being on the mountain top. He is not just the God of the mountain tops but He is also the God of the valleys.
It is when we are in the Valleys of despair, rejection, struggle of daily life, that we really get to know Jesus. Jesus never leaves us, He never forsakes us. We leave Him. It is unrealistic to always want to be on a high, to always want to feel good. The Kingdom of God is not about me always feeling good. It is about following Jesus and getting to know Him, obeying Him and doing His will. We need to PRESS ON IN. The strength comes with a strain. The joy comes with overcoming, when we go through difficult times and we ENDURE and we KEEP the FAITH. That is when that real relationship with Jesus is built up. He is not just a God of the mountain tops, He is God of the valleys also, and we get to know Him in the valleys. If you follow Jesus, you will be IN the valleys IN the depths of despair and trials more often than on the mountain tops.
Do not become disheartened. Stay with Jesus when you are IN the valleys and when things are going difficult and then you will also be with Him when He takes you on the mountain top. Don’t give up, press on in and stay with Jesus until the very, very end. Always make yourself aware of Him, and you will have His peace inside of you, even though the world around you is in utter turmoil.
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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