Salvation is not a FREE GIVEAWAY

Salvation, eternal life is not just a free gift, a giveaway. It is an invitation from our Creator, God the Father to become children of God. To come and live in His Kingdom, in His House for eternity. It is an open invitation to anybody and everybody but in order to come into His House you need to go through the Door and that Door is JESUS CHRIST. Nobody comes to the Father but through JESUS.
Jesus is the Son of God. He paid the price for our sins and our iniquities and He pardons those who REPENT, who ACCEPT HIM and who OBEY HIM and He opens the Door for them to come into the Kingdom of God, but we need to OBEY HIM to go in there. Jesus will decide who will go in there in the end.
If you want to have eternal life, you must OBEY JESUS, you must REPENT, you must turn away from your earthly lifestyle and take on the lifestyle of Jesus Christ. You must be born again. Jesus gives that spiritual new birth to everyone who accepts Him. But then we have to OBEY HIM. We must turn away from sin, from the things of this world and become like Jesus. We must repent, we must be baptized in water and we must receive the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God to come and dwell in us, so that we can come into relationship with God the Father and with Jesus. If we do not receive and have the Spirit of God in us, we have no relationship with Him because God is Spirit. We are just living in a body but we are spirit.
Either our relationship is with the devil and his demons or with Jesus Christ and God the Father. If our relationship is with the devil and the demons, those who are in rebellion against God, then we will spend eternity in damnation, away from the presence of God. Now already we must come into relationship with Jesus and God the Father and stay in that relationship until the very end when we die.
If we do not have that close relationship with Jesus and the Father when we die, then He will say to us, like He will say to MANY who BELIEVED that they were saved, He will say: Go away I never knew you, your workers of wickedness. Many people are just RELIGIOUS but they have NO RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS. They never received the Holy Spirit and they have no relationship with Jesus and the Father and to them He will say: Go away I never knew you but those who kept their relationship with Jesus and the Father will enter in through that Narrow Door into the Kingdom of Heaven to be with Jesus and the Father forever.
Will you accept the invitation and follow Jesus? Salvation is not just a giveaway. It is an invitation to become a child of God but you MUST OBEY JESUS. Get to know Him and He will open the Door for you into the Kingdom of God IF you STAY WITH HIM.

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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