There is a fierce battle ranging in the Heavenlies, a battle between the forces of darkness and the servants of God. The war is about saving souls that are pouring into hell.
Sadly most believers do not even know about this battle. Many of them want out, they are waiting for a rapture. Many of them want to run away, they are looking for a place to hide. It is not a time to hide. It is not a time for the weak and the cowards. It is a time for those who are willing to stand for the Kingdom of God and to win this battle, they are the warriors of Christ and they are led by their Commander and Chief, Jesus Christ and they are destroying the forces of darkness, bringing souls to the Light and most believers don’t even know this is going on.
If you are not part of this battle and if you are not on Jesus’ side, destroying the works of satan, standing against unrighteousness and bringing souls to JESUS, then you are in accomplice with satan, then you are in satans camp. The churches are in satan’s camp, they are working for the devil. They are all sinners, they are all complacent and the devil has deceived believers, they believe that they are saved and they are sealed and on their way to Heaven but they are on their way to HELL because they are not part of the battle. If we are not gathering we are scattering. If we are not with Christ and fighting this battle we are against Him.
Are you part of the army of the Lord or are you part of the resistance? Are you part of the COWARDS that are running away? Are you working for the devil or are you following Jesus and doing what He is telling you to do? Either you are waging this war with your Commander in Chief Jesus Christ or you will perish with the kingdom of satan.
On which side are you? Are you in the battle? Are you running away? Or are you part of the resistance? It is time to make up your mind? If you are not FOR JESUS you are AGAINST HIM. If you are PASSIVE, you are AGAINST HIM. On which side are you?
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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