Losing Faith?

Many believers are losing faith in Jesus. The truth is that most of them never really believed. Most of them were just religious. Many of them grew up in Christian homes but they never KNEW Jesus, they never obeyed Jesus.
If you believe in Jesus you must OBEY Him and if you OBEY Jesus then your faith will be tested. Most believers will tell you that the words of Jesus are impractical, you cannot do it, you cannot stop sinning, but Jesus said:”SIN NO MORE.” Jesus said:”Turn the other cheek,” but believers do not obey that. It is only when we obey Jesus and our faith is tested, we are rejected by others, it is only then that our faith is proven whether we truly believe. It is only then that we see the hand of God moving, it is only then that we see miracles and we experience Jesus as real, it is only then that we have a testimony that Jesus Christ is real and we don’t lose faith.
“The righteous will live by faith but if he withdraws, My soul will have no pleasure in him”(Hebrews 10:38), that is what God says. We cannot serve two masters, we cannot serve and obey Jesus AND do what we like. If we truly believe in Jesus we will obey Him and we will see His intervention in our lives. The reason why people lose faith and fall away is because most of them never knew Jesus. Jesus was never a reality to them. Jesus only becomes a reality when you are serious and when you obey Him, when you REPENT, turn away from sin, STOP SINNING, and you are baptized in water and He gives you the supernatural Holy Spirit baptism, you speak in other tongues and the power of God is demonstrated in your life; it is only then that you experience the power of God. It is only when you forsake your own plans and you OBEY Jesus, you TRUST Him, you follow Him, it is only then that you experience His providence in your life. But if you do not trust Him enough to obey Him you will never get to know Him and when the trials and the tests come you will fall away. That is why many believers are falling away, they never truly knew Jesus.
Do you know Jesus? Do you obey Jesus? Do you follow Him and do you experience Him as real, or do you not really believe?
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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