A body without spirit is dead it is a corpse. A living person without the Spirit of God in him is a zombie and the moment he dies he will perish. We can only be ALIVE and have LIFE in us if we have the Spirit of God in us.
God gives His Holy Spirit, His Spirit of Eternal Life in those who OBEY Jesus, who REPENT from sin and their previous lifestyles and who FOLLOW Jesus, who OBEY Him, who are baptized in water. God promised His Holy Spirit to those who obey Jesus and then that Spirit of Christ will come and dwell in you and you must OBEY the Holy Spirit. The righteous will LIVE BY FAITH, by HEARING the Spirit of God in him, guiding Him.
At first the Spirit of God is on the outside pleading with us, knocking at the door of our heart, wanting to come in so that He can give us LIFE. We must invite Him in and He will give us a new heart, He will write His laws in our heart. We will hate sin and love God and then we must OBEY the Spirit of God that He puts in us. If we do not obey Him we will perish.
“The righteous will LIVE BY FAITH and if he withdraws, My soul will have no pleasure in him,” that is what God says. Faith comes by the hearing, by the hearing of Christ, by HEARING the Spirit of God SPEAKING TO YOU and then acting on it. It takes faith to BELIEVE, to TRUST and OBEY. If we do not TRUST and OBEY and are not LED by the Spirit of God then we do not have LIFE in us. Then we DENY Christ, we REJECT the SPIRIT OF LIFE and He will leave us.
Many believers have received the Holy Spirit but they have grieved Him, they are not obeying Him, they are not living by faith and they will be rejected, they are reprobates, they have turned away from God. They are castaways! They were accepted as children of God, they received confirmation of the Holy Spirit coming and living in them, they have turned away! They are not obeying, they are not listening, they are not living by faith. They are living by their senses, they are like mortal men, like zombies, like the living dead who live by their mind. You can only have eternal life in you if you obey the Spirit of God.
Are you a zombie? Are you living dead? Do you go after your mind, your insight or do you have the Holy Spirit in you and are you LISTENING, OBEYING, FOLLOWING the Holy Spirit of God? “The righteous will LIVE BY FAITH and if he withdraws, My soul will have no pleasure in him” – does God have pleasure in YOU?
Are you obeying Him? Are you led by the Spirit of God dwelling in you? That is the only way! There is no other way. “The righteous will LIVE BY FAITH!” Listen, obey and follow, DO the will of God according to the Spirit that He has put in you. If you do not have the Spirit of Christ you DO NOT BELONG TO HIM! Have you received the Holy Spirit? Ask Him for the Holy Spirit and then follow Him, OBEY Him, SEEK THE SPIRIT OF GOD IN YOU and OBEY HIM and you will have eternal life, IF you endure until the very end.

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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