All or Nothing

Salvation means being in a full time real relationship with Jesus Christ, serving Him as Lord and Master. Jesus does not accept half measures. He said:”If any man WISHES to come after Me, let him deny Himself, pick up his cross daily and come here, follow Me.” You cannot take time out on Jesus, it is either ALL or NOTHING.

Jesus will not accept your scraps or mine. He wants us totally unto Himself in TOTAL DEVOTION or else we have no relationship. We cannot exploit Jesus for our own benefit. He is not fooled. He is God almighty. Either we follow Him with all our power and live our lives to please Him all the time every day until the very end or we will not have eternal life.

You cannot serve Jesus part time. It is not about church. It is about a full time total commitment to Jesus Christ Himself , hearing His voice, listening to Him, being tuned in to His Holy Spirit all the time and doing what is pleasing to Him. Many are called but very, very few have answered. Very few are chosen, very few will follow Jesus until the very end. If you are not willing to give Jesus everything YOU WILL GET NOTHING from Him. It is ALL or NOTHING.

Are you willing to give your life for Jesus? If not, you can HAVE YOUR BEST TIME NOW because terror in damnation, awaits you. It is ALL or NOTHING. Jesus wants to give you the very best but He expects ALL of you and me, TOTAL COMMITMENT.

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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