Why a rich man will hardly enter heaven

Jesus said that is is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven. The reason for this is that if we have riches, earthly goods and possessions that we trust in and that are our security then we will not follow after Jesus.

It is easy for riches and earthly possessions to become our crutch, that which we trust in and then we have no need for God, we become captives of our possessions, of our qualifications, of the knowledge that we have acquired over time and that is why a rich man, a person who is rich in money or in knowledge, educated people, find it very hard to follow Jesus. They trust in their own abilities and in their own means.

God knows what we need. Jesus knows the future, He knows what you will need in future, He knows what I will need, but above all He knows what I will need to do His will. If I go after riches and qualifications, education, knowledge then my focus is off Jesus and onto those things which I trust in, which I believe that I need to sustain me. That is why Jesus said:”SEEK YE FIRST the kingdom of God and His righteousness AND ALL THE OTHER THINGS WILL BE ADDED TO YOU.” Once we have acquired earthly riches and established ourselves through that which we achieved, qualifications, education, whatever, then we despise God because “I can do it for myself, my way. ” That is why a person who is rich in earthly goods and abilities will hardly enter the kingdom of heaven. He WILL NOT TRUST JESUS, he will not let go of his earthly securities, and that makes him UNFRUITFUL AND USELESS for the kingdom of God!

Everything belongs to God and He gives freely to those who serve Him, who serve the kingdom of heaven. He knows what you need and He will supply but if you go after those things then your focus is off Jesus. A lot of people don’t have those things, they don’t have riches, they don’t have knowledge but they are going after them, and because they are going after those things they are not following after Jesus and they will not make themselves available for the kingdom of God. In the end they are fruitless and they are cut off and burned.

Jesus said:””SEEK YE FIRST the kingdom of God and His righteousness AND ALL THE OTHER THINGS WILL BE ADDED UNTO YOU.” Do you trust in Jesus that He will guide your footsteps and that He will supply in all your needs, that He will tell you what to study, where to live, whom to marry, what house to buy, when to sell it, what to do for His kingdom? Or are you doing it your way?

We cannot enter the kingdom of heaven and be useful for the kingdom of God UNLESS we deny ourselves, be willing to let go of these things, of our own ideas and DO what God tells us to do. Study what God tells you to study, live where He tells you to live, but first we need to get close with Jesus. Listen to His voice, seek Him and follow Him and He will guide you every step of the way. He will supply in every need and He will make us fruitful. If we do not remain IN CHRIST, IN HIS WILL, listening to Him, obeying Him, following Him then we cannot bear fruit and we will get cut off and burned.

We must seek Jesus and His will and stay IN HIS WILL and then we will bear much fruit for the kingdom of God.
May Jesus bless you.


About Justice Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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