Hoodies and Bumper Stickers for Jesus

We have been offering t-shirts with the message of Jesus Christ printed on them for free, for some months now. Winter is approaching and obviously people cannot wear t-shirts. We have the printing facilities available, we have the screen printing screens and we can print these designs and some others on hoodies (sweaters) for those who wish to continue to be a witness for Jesus even in the winter months.

We are not a ministry, we are just two servants who are willing to print these messages on t-shirts and on hoodies to enable those who want to witness for Jesus. We do not get t-shirts and hoodies for free, we have got to buy them. We have also got to pay for the postal services if we send these things out. So obviously we are not receiving freely. If you want a hoodie with a message printed on it you can go to my website, the link is at the end of this videos and also in the description box below this video. You will need to send me a donation to cover the cost and I will do the printing for you free of charge.

We have received some donations but we have sent out hundreds of t-shirts FOR FREE. Most people are happy to receive something for free. I just hope that they are wearing these t-shirts and witnessing for Jesus, as intended. Whether they do that is between them and Jesus.

I am also looking at printing bumper stickers for those who are willing to put a bold message of Jesus Christ on their motor car. The link is also in the description box below this video and you are welcome to email me and I will send you some bumper stickers.

For those critics who believe that I am making a profit out of this endeavor I want to assure you that there are very FEW people who are willing to wear the truth on their bodies and to stick the truth on their motor car. Those who criticize will in any case not be associated with Jesus in public. We are making this service available to the FEW who are serious about witnessing for Jesus.

We are here to serve YOU and to help you to be a witness for Jesus. The service is available, we are available and you can make use of it if you want to. We are doing it for you and for the Kingdom of God, not for ourselves. Jesus is the fair judge of our deeds and our intentions. He KNOWS what we are about. He knows His children. We are here to help you spread the truth and to bring souls into the Kingdom of Heaven. You can make use of us if you so wish.

May Jesus bless you

Free T-shirts available: http://www.finalcall07.com/p/t-shirts-available.html
Bumper stickers: http://www.finalcall07.com/p/bumper-stickers.html

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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