Don’t Fade

Our enthusiasm for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom is a reflection of our relationship with Him and our love for Him. Many people start out well, they only want to please Jesus, they want to witness for Jesus but very quickly the enthusiasm disappears. The love has disappeared, the relationship has died.
Jesus said that “You will be My witnesses.” If we are not witnesses for Jesus then we are denying Him, then we are ashamed of Him. And if we are ashamed of Him, He will also deny us in front of His Heavenly Father. One of the easiest ways to be an effective witness for Jesus is to wear a t-shirt with the Words of Jesus on it. Some people have started wearing these t-shirts, they have stopped wearing them. Others don’t have t-shirts like that. If you want a t-shirt like that, with which you can stand out for Jesus and be a silent witness, then you are welcome to contact me, my details are in the description box below this video. And I will send you a t-shirt that you can wear to be a witness for Jesus. To show that you love Jesus that you have not faded but that you are an enthusiastic ambassador for the Kingdom of God.
Has your love faded or are you an active, visible witness for the Kingdom of God and for Jesus Christ your Master?
May Jesus bless you.

Free T-shirts available:
Free downloadable printable gospel tract in Word format, letter size:

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