Take Great Care

If you have truly met Jesus and accepted Him as your Lord and Master and you are born from above and His Spirit lives in you then all that matters to you is the approval of Jesus. It is all about your relationship with Him, hearing that soft inner voice and having the approval of the Holy Spirit that lives inside of you. Nothing else is more important than that confirmation inside that Jesus is pleased with you. You are continuously listening to that inner voice in your spirit guiding you, correcting you and teaching you. You are sensitive to the Holy Spirit that dwells inside of you and you listen carefully. You make sure that you do PRECISELY as the Holy Spirit tells you to do.
You have to be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit or else your relationship with Jesus falls into disrepair, it disappears. Most believers do not have that relationship, they do not KNOW Jesus. They are not close to Jesus. They don’t care about Jesus. They care about other things. Our focus is on Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us, living in us and if Jesus is not living in you and you do not receive that confirmation of His Spirit inside of you then you don’t know Him, then you have no relationship with Him, or maybe your relationship with Jesus has fallen away because YOU have turned your back on Him.
If you have never had that inner confirmation in your spirit, that Jesus is pleased with you then you have never met Jesus, then you have not been born again of the Spirit of God and you need to fall on your knees and cry out to Him, and say:”Lord, I want to know you for real.” And then you need to be sensitive to His Spirit who will come and live inside of you. Make sure that you take great care to PRECISELY obey Him ALL THE TIME. Following Jesus is not a part time business, it is a full time way of living. Either we are following Jesus and pleasing Him or we are pleasing ourselves and other people. If you don’t have that close relationship with Jesus that you are spiritually tuned in to Him all the time then you don’t have a relationship with Jesus and you don’t know Him.
Take great care of your relationship with Jesus, of that inner voice of His Spirit inside of you to obey and follow Him all the time. Treasure His Spirit in you because that is all that matters. Without Jesus you can do nothing. If Jesus is not in you, you do not have eternal life. If you do not obey Him you do not have eternal life in you. You need to seek Him, continuously, follow Him and obey Him and make sure that you are pleasing to Him all the time. Get your focus on Jesus.
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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