Righteousness IN Christ

Eternal life is BEING IN CHRIST, being pleasing to Jesus, because He decides who will enter the kingdom of heaven and who not. He forgives our past sins. He pardons us and He declares us righteous IF we accept Him, IF we are IN HIM, IF we OBEY Him and follow Him. Jesus knows who those are who really follow Him, who really love Him.
Many people want salvation but they don’t want Jesus. They believe they are saved but they have no relationship with Jesus. They are not following Him, they do not pray, they do not listen to the Holy Spirit. They do not obey His words and they JUSTIFY THEMSELVES by quoting certain scriptures. Only Jesus justifies us. Only Jesus has the power to allow us into His kingdom or to refuse us and He will reject many people who believed but who never had that close relationship with Him. Those who follow Jesus might stumble but He is the only one who decides whether you stumbled or whether you deliberately disobeyed Him or you defied Him. He knows whether we love Him, whether we really care for Him and His kingdom. If we don’t really love Him and if our life is not about PLEASING JESUS, we are not part of Him and we will not have eternal life.
We cannot fool Jesus. Our destiny depends on whether we truly follow Jesus, whether we are IN Christ, whether we are IN HIS WILL, whether we are LISTENING to His voice, and He CAN SPEAK. Many people refuse to listen. Many people say He only speaks through the Bible. Jesus is not dead, He is ALIVE and if He is not alive to YOU, if you do not daily follow Him and experience Him in your life then you don’t know Him and like so many He will say to you:”Go away I never knew you, you who work unrighteousness.” You can only be declared RIGHTEOUS by Him IF you are in that close relationship with Him and you are daily moment by moment doing what is pleasing in His sight, and He will tell you, He will confirm to you whether He is pleased with you or not, because He puts His Spirit in those who OBEY Him, who obey His words, who have turned away from everything and who are following Him only, who seek to please Him. He gave His life for us and if we want eternal life we must LIVE OUR LIFE TO PLEASE HIM.
We cannot fool Jesus. Jesus justifies those who are pleasing to Him in their relationship with Him. How is your relationship with Jesus? Is Jesus pleased with YOU? ASK Jesus whether He is pleased with you and if you don’t know it is time to get on your knees and cry out to Him and seek Him UNTIL you KNOW. There is no other way. You cannot justify yourself from some scriptures. You need to receive confirmation from Jesus Himself. He is alive and He must be living IN you. Seek the approval of Jesus today and don’t listen to other people, but get your confirmation from Him DIRECTLY all the time or else you don’t know Him and you don’t have a relationship with Jesus.
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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