Divinely Appointed Misfortune

God directs the footsteps of His children. This morning I was reminded of twice in my life where I was lined up for a very senior position, the top of a group of companies and then for some unexplained reason somebody else was put into that position. Previously I wondered why it was that when everybody expected me to take the position at the head of that company, then somebody else got the job. But it was the hand of God, because if I had got the position then I would never have released myself and answered to the call when the Lord Jesus told me to sell everything and go where He was sending me.
It was by God’s divine design that He directed my footsteps. We as children of God must never be disappointed when we maybe apply for a job and we don’t get that job because whatever God has planned on us and the way that He designs our life, those things will come our way. We must just keep our eyes on Jesus, focus on Him and on being pleasing to Him and He will direct our footsteps. He will make things work together for good for us, because what is good for us is to stay in the will of God.
I thank the Lord for His interference, for His divine design and control of my life since I have submitted myself to Him because there is only one way fro each of us and that is the way that God has planned for us. We can only walk in that way if we stay focused on Jesus, if we keep our eyes on Him and on doing His will, if we deny our own desires and submit to Him and say:”Lord, whatever happens, You are in control and I praise you for it because I am only here for the kingdom of God.” Our disappointments are God’s appointments for those who love Jesus and who seek to be pleasing to Him.
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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