Lying Preachers – Funeral Talk

I just saw a news headline about Sylvester Stallone who recently lost his son to death, his son died and now his sister also died of cancer. And then somebody said:”At least now his sister is with his son in heaven.”
Many preachers lie to people who have lost loved ones. They say that: “So-and-so, who has died, is now in heaven. His struggle is over. He is now with Jesus.” But you know for a fact that the person who died had nothing to do with Jesus! But then people believe the preacher. He is a LIAR! How does he know that? How can he say that? But he gives people false hope and they believe it and they themselves don’t prepare for eternity.
Some years ago I had a heart attack and I died and I was serving Jesus, I was serious about Jesus but I found myself on my way to hell and by His grace and mercy He gave me a second chance. He let me come back because my works were not completed. I was not DOING what Jesus wanted me to do. I was a Christian but I was not FOLLOWING Jesus and OBEYING Him.
Jesus said very few people will get into heaven. Narrow is the door and few there be that find it. “Strive hard because many will try hard but not be able.” Don’t believe some lying preacher. How can that person know? Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling and make sure that Jesus is pleased with YOU, or else you might just end up in hell. Take your eternal destination seriously. There is only one person who can help you and that is Jesus.
Get on your knees now and cry out to Him for mercy. Ask Him to accept you as a child of God and REPENT, turn away from sin, OBEY Jesus, get baptized in water. Ask Him for His Holy Spirit to come and dwell in you, to guide you into all truth and HE WILL CONFIRM TO YOU WHETHER HE IS PLEASED WITH YOU. But don’t trust any person, any man, don’t trust any lying preacher. TAKE YOUR ETERNAL DESTINATION IN YOUR OWN HANDS. Speak to Jesus, right now!
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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