Bad Kids and Bullies will Burn in Hell

Bad kids and bullies will burn in hell if they do not turn away being bad. God has prepared a place of punishment for all those who are wicked, who are bad, who lie, who cheat, who steal, who hurt other people, who kill other people. That place of punishment is a fire that burns for ever and there are worms in that place that eat the flesh of those people that are in that place. That place is HELL.
All sinners who have not stopped sinning and become obedient to Jesus will burn in hell for eternity. Only Jesus can forgive our past sins and give us eternal life so that we do not end up in hell. BAD KIDS AND THEIR PARENTS WILL END UP IN HELL because their parents did not teach them about Jesus and did not teach them to love others and to respect others.
Every person will be judged by his own deeds, children and the parents. We will each receive reward, good or bad, for what we have done. If we were wicked we will burn in hell. We must come to Jesus and invite Him into our heart. He has written His laws in our hearts so that we know what is good and what is not good. WE HAVE NO EXCUSE. But is we do not listen to that soft voice in our heart and obey Him and be good, we will end up in hell.
We need to invite Jesus into our hearts and ask Him to forgive our sins and to make us children of God. He will come and live in our heart and you will hear His soft voice inside of you telling you right from wrong, but WE MUST LISTEN TO THAT VOICE! If we are bad we will end up in hell. We must repent. That means to TURN AWAY FROM WICKEDNESS and we must ask Jesus forgiveness. Ask Him to forgive our sins and come and live in our hearts and then we must listen to His soft voice in us all the time. If we don’t listen we will end up in that fiery furnace FOR EVER! Little children also die. LITTLE CHILDREN ALSO GO TO HELL because their parents did not warn them.
I am warning you today: BAD KIDS WILL END UP IN HELL. Invite Jesus into your heart. Go on your knees and pray. Say:
“Lord Jesus I am sorry for the sins that I have done,
I am sorry for being a bad kid.
Please come into my heart and forgive all my sins.
Make me a child of God, please
and help me every day,
to do what is right,
Please show me in my heart what to do
and I want to obey Thee,
so that I can have eternal life,
and be with Thee for ever.
Thank you Lord Jesus.”
We need Jesus in our heart. We must LISTEN to Him then we will have eternal life.
Those who do not listen to Jesus and obey Him, but who are BAD, THEY WILL END UP IN ETERNAL HELL, FOR EVER.
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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