Get Rid Of The Pain

We have all suffered pain, humiliation, rejection, sometimes abuse way back in out lives and those things that we suffered affect us even until today. That is like a thorn that stuck into your foot and the flesh has grown over it but that thorn is still there and it affects the way that we react with other people. It is like that thorn in your foot, it affects the way that you walk, it affects your relationship with Jesus. It destroys your life and we need to get rid of that pain, the cause of that pain, that thorn. We often do not want to let go of it. Maybe we were hurt and now we are hurting other people. Maybe somebody abused you and now you don’t trust people, you don’t trust God. You say:”Why did God let this happen to me?”
We need to let go of those things because they will affect us and they will keep us out of heaven also. We need to surrender it to Jesus, just take it to Jesus because now we belong to Him. If you have given your life to Jesus then nothing can happen to you that He does not allow and He LOVES YOU! He loves us MORE than any earthly father can love us. We need to surrender that to Him, forgive those people who have harmed you! Get it out of your system, get that thorn out, get the pain out, JUST GIVE IT TO JESUS! And ask Him to replace it with His love or else that will destroy us.
We are here to follow Jesus, to serve Him, and he said:”Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all the other things will be added unto you.” We need to get rid of the pain, forgive others and then we will be forgiven. Let go and get our focus on Jesus and as we seek to please Him and are faithful to Him, obey Him and LOVE others unconditionally, as we do that the love of Christ flows through us. If we GIVE we will RECEIVE! If we GIVE LOVE we will RECEIVE LOVE!
Dear friend, let go of the pain, give it to Jesus, because He has forgiven you all your sins, you need to forgive everybody else who has sinned against you, and trust Him that nothing can happen to you that is not in His will.
Whatever comes your way is only because He allows it, for good purpose and then you have got to thank Him for it. If we can receive good things from God then certainly we can receive (accept) a bit of chastisement, a bit of correction, a bit of pain if He wants to teach us something. But in all things, let us get our focus on Jesus and forget the past. GET RID OF THE PAIN and follow Jesus with all our heart because HE CARES FOR US and He only has the best in store for us. TRUST JESUS!
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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