The Source of your Joy

God loves us and cares for us and through His wonderful mercy He showers us with blessings, with friends, with gifts. He has given us so many things and gives us so many things every day. He has given us the scriptures whereby we can read the experiences of other people who have known Him. He has given us the gospels where we can read the words of Jesus. He has given us brothers and sisters who can help us, who can support us, who can take us to Jesus. He has given us children, family and friends and many material things, all from the hand of God but if these things become our source of pleasure and of joy then these things become idols. Our gratitude must go to God alone. We must thank God always in Christ Jesus for these things that we receive so freely from Him because we don’t deserve it. These things that God gives us must not become our idols. Many of us crave spiritual gifts, which is a good thing but we must crave Jesus Christ Himself. We must yearn for God our Father and our joy must come from being with Him, being in His presence, being pleasing to Him because God is our source. Jesus Christ is our Lord and our Master. He is our source of life. Our joy must come from Him and our thanks must go to Him because He alone is worthy. Without Jesus we can do nothing. Let us bring Him the glory and the honor and the praises that are due to Him. PRAISE JESUS!
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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