Step Out for Jesus

A soldier does not go out without his uniform. As a child of God and ambassador for the Kingdom of God, we must also wear our uniform. I make these uniforms (T-shirts). I wear these uniforms when I go out because I want every moment to count for the kingdom of God. When I walk through a shop or wherever I go people read the testimony of Jesus. I don’t even need to talk. The other advantage is that if you identify with Jesus, then you behave like a child of God you are very careful what you say, how you conduct yourself because you are an ambassador for the Kingdom of God.


To me this is the easiest way to testify for Jesus. You don’t even need to say a word. People follow you around, they are inquisitive. They might see what is on the back (of the T-shirt) and then they want to see what is on the front and very often they start talking to you. Many people will not speak to you but the seed is sown and you can see it in their eyes. We must make use of every opportunity to testify for Jesus. We must identify with Jesus, we must let the world know on whose side we are, that Jesus is alive!


If we are ashamed of testifying for Jesus, identifying with Him then He will also be ashamed of us! He said that if we deny Him in front of this wicked generation He will also deny us before His Father in heaven and His holy angels. We must make use of every moment that we have, of every opportunity to testify for Jesus.


You will not be allowed to preach inside of a big apartment store but I guarantee you that there is no shopkeeper that will tell you to go outside because your t-shirt offends him, because they want your money. On the other hand, when people start asking you and talking to you about Jesus in that shop then you can reply to them, you can talk. And it happens so often that people start talking to me and to my wife (she also wears the t-shirts). They start asking us questions and others come and listen also!


It is so wonderful to be an ambassador for Jesus. We need to shine for Jesus. We are the Body of Christ, the only Jesus that this world sees is YOU and me and if Jesus is not in your heart then they will not see Jesus. The Bible that the world reads is us, our conduct, how we go about things, what we do, what we say, that is what they “read.” We must make sure that what people read in us gives glory to God.


We must use every opportunity to be and ambassador for Jesus. We must use every opportunity to put on out uniform and STEP OUT FOR JESUS!


May Jesus bless you.


About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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