Don’t go unless Jesus sent you

Jesus has called each one of us for a specific purpose and we can only achieve that purpose if we receive our instructions from Him. If we go on our own or we go where we think, we cannot be pleasing to Him. We must be led by the Holy Spirit. Jesus has prepared each of us for a specific task and we need to cleanse ourselves, purify ourselves and wait on Him and then He will use us. He will send us for that specific task that He has prepared for us, where He wants to use us. We need to be led by the Holy Spirit. If we are not led by the Holy Spirit we cannot please Him. We cannot please God doing what we want to do.
Many people go to mission fields because they had a “feeling” or other people told them. You need to hear from Jesus and you need to be sure that He has sent you. The apostles went under guidance of the Holy Spirit and they went in the power of the Holy Spirit and they did the works that Jesus sent them for. They achieved what He sent them for.
Some years ago I was invited to go and speak at a small church that was held in a school in a very very troubled suburb. It was a predominantly black suburb and it was very dangerous for white people to go in there but I used to go every Sunday morning. And then one Sunday morning I woke up 4 a.m. In the morning after I had dreamed that I was on my way to go and preach at this little church and I got shot, and I was lying there dead but I heard one man saying to the other one:”Why did you shoot him? He comes here to help us.” And this guy said:”I don’t care what he does.” I knew that the Lord was telling me not to go there. He was warning me not to go there. The next morning I called the pastor of that church and I told him:”Brother I will not be coming there today, The Lord told me not to come.” He said:”Brother, the Lord will protect you, you must come here please!” But I did not go. During that same week there was another person who went into that same township, a white person, to go and hand out food and help people and he was shot dead, that very same township! You see, we need to be led by the Holy Spirit, we need to LISTEN to the Holy Spirit of God. It can be fatal if we do not listen. We must be led by the Spirit in order to do the will of God.
It is the will of God that we bear fruit, thereby the Father is glorified, but we can only bear fruit if we stay IN CHRIST, if we LISTEN to the Holy Spirit. We must GO where He sends us and then we will be pleasing to Him. We cannot go on our own, we must go where He sends us. Be sure to DO what Jesus has sent you to do. Make yourself available to Jesus, pray, LISTEN to the Holy Spirit and He will send you and He will use you for that which He has called you.
May Jesus bless you.

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