There is a popular DECEPTION amongst some believers that JESUS HAS DONE IT ALL FOR THEM and all they need to do is BELIEVE IN JESUS to be saved. That is a lie. Go and read the Words of Jesus in the Gospels. Jesus said: “WHOEVER WISHES to come after Me, must deny Himself, pick up His cross and follow Me.” There is no easy way into the Kingdom of Heaven. It is a narrow Door. They asked Jesus whether those who are being saved are FEW and He said: “NARROW IS THE DOOR and FEW there be that find it. STRIVE HARD to find the Narrow Door.” There is no easy way.
Jesus has not done it all for you. If you want eternal life, you will have to FOLLOW JESUS. You will have to DENY YOURSELF. You will have to OBEY JESUS. You will have to REPENT, turn away from sin and BE RIGHTEOUS. Show FRUIT OF REPENTANCE and then be BAPTIZED IN WATER, CONFESSING your SINS and Jesus will give you the GIFT of the BAPTISM IN THE HOLY SPIRIT so that you can BE LED BY the SPIRIT, while you follow Jesus. It is not an easy road. You will BE PERSECUTED, you will BE HATED by all men for His Name sake. HE HAS NOT DONE IT ALL. You might lose your life for Jesus and if you are not willing to follow Him all the way, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus said that “NOT everyone that says to Me, Lord, Lord will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven but those who DO THE WILL OF MY FATHER.” He will say to MANY in that day:”GO AWAY I NEVER KNEW YOU, you who WORK WICKEDNESS, LAWLESSNESS.” He is talking about BELIEVERS, CHRISTIANS who cast out demons , who healed the sick, who preached the gospel, He will say to THEM, who WALKED IN WICKEDNESS and LAWLESSNESS, He will say to THEM: “GO AWAY I NEVER KNEW YOU.”
“Every tree that DOES NOT BEAR GOOD FRUIT will be CUT OFF and BURNED.” He was talking about RIGHTEOUSNESS, HOLINESS, without holiness no man shall see God. JESUS HAS NOT DONE IT ALL FOR YOU. YOU will have to DENY yourself, PICK UP YOUR CROSS and FOLLOW JESUS UNTIL the VERY END, IF you want to have ETERNAL LIFE. There is NO EASY WAY into the Kingdom of Heaven. DO NOT BE DECEIVED. Go and read the Gospels for yourself. Go and read the WORDS OF JESUS for yourself and you will WAKE UP and realize it is a NARROW ROAD. GET TO KNOW JESUS for yourself. LISTEN TO HIS HOLY SPIRIT and HE will GUIDE you and you will learn that WITHOUT THE HOLY SPIRIT you CANNOT DO IT. BIBLE KNOWLEDGE is NOT good enough. YOU NEED the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IN YOU to GUIDE you, to SUSTAIN you, to COACH you every step of the way. YOU NEED JESUS. It is all about YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS, nothing else. If you DO NOT KNOW JESUS and HE DOES NOT KNOW YOU, you will NOT ENTER the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. GET TO KNOW JESUS and FOLLOW HIM every step of the way. If you DO NOT LOVE JESUS, TRULY LOVE HIM and OBEY HIM, it is ALL IN VAIN.
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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