A Lying Spirit in the Mouth of the Prophets

Jesus called us to follow HIM and He sent us His Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth, to teach us and to coach us, every step of the way. But many people don’t want to listen to the Holy Spirit. They run after people. They seek themselves some teachers or some prophets and they listen to those people. That is a very dangerous thing to do because God will put a lying spirit into the mouth of the prophet like He has done in the past.
We read in 1 Kings 22:23 “Now therefore, behold, the LORD has put a deceiving spirit in the mouth of all these your prophets; and the LORD has proclaimed disaster against you.”
When we go to God for counsel, when we seek direction and wisdom we must do so in a pure heart and we must WAIT for Him. The apostle James wrote in James 1:5:”If any man needs wisdom, let Him ask of God who gives to all men freely and it will be given to Him.” The apostle Paul writes in Romans 8:14 he says:“those who are led by the Spirit of God THEY are the sons of God.” There are many people who use the Bible for their direction. They plan a course of action and then they want confirmation, so they flip the pages and hope it falls open at a scripture that will give them the confirmation that they want. If you go to God with wickedness in your heart, He will answer you according to your wickedness! If you go to people for counsel He will put a lying spirit in their mouth and you will hear what you want to hear. He will give you the answer that you are after. But if you are pure in heart you go and pray and you ask the Lord to guide you into HIS ways and then you are INDIFFERENT, you don’t care what the answer is. All that you care about is to do the will of God. But if you run after people God will put a lying spirit in the mouth of those people and you will be deceived because you refuse to trust Jesus; you refuse to follow Him. You are running after your own deceitfulness and He will help you to be deceived, BECAUSE YOU DON’T TRUST HIM.
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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