Feeling the presence of God

God is omnipresent, He is omnipotent, He is everywhere but only those who are born again of the Spirit of God can sense His presence. Jesus said that unless a man is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God. You need to be born again. You are born again if you believe in Jesus and you repent of sin and you accept Jesus as your Lord and Master, then He regenerates your spirit, He makes your spirit come alive and you can sense the presence of God. Only those who are born again can feel the presence of God, can hear the voice of the Master. (You must also be baptized in water in obedience to Jesus.)
But there are many people who are born again who do not sense the presence of God. They do not hear the voice of the Master. Why is that? Sin separates us from God. No sin will come into his presence and many believers continue in sin and that is why their sins and their iniquities come between them and God. They pray and they pray against the ceiling. They say:”I pray and I don’t feel God. I don’t see God.” It is because of your sin, bitterness, unholiness, your love for the world, you persist in going after your own desires. You are not seeking God. You just want His presence and you want the blessings of God but you don’t want God. You are still going on in sin. If you remove your sin you will feel the presence of God.
No sin comes into the presence of God. Go and pray, repent, ask the Holy Spirit to show you what it is that is separating you from God. Whether it is bitterness, unholiness, maybe you are in an adulterous relationship, maybe you are adulterating in your mind, watching TV, you are thinking the wrong things, you love the things of the world, you lust after the things of the world. You are not seeking God, you are not seeking Jesus, you are not seeking to feel His presence all the time. You just want Him as a convenience. Whatever it is that is between you and God, that is preventing you from sensing His presence, and THAT WILL TAKE YOU TO HELL! Because if you are away from God, you are in danger of hell fire. Maybe it is some unforgiveness or bitterness that you have towards somebody. You have got to repent of it! IF YOU DO NOT SENSE THE PRESENCE OF GOD ALL THE TIME, YOU ARE IN TROUBLE! Then you need to find out what it is. Say:”Lord, what is this that is between me and You that I do not sense Your presence?” And repent of it, GET RID OF IT! OR ELSE IT WILL TAKE YOU TO HELL.
A child of God ALWAYS walks in the presence of God, ALWAYS SENSES THE PRESENCE OF GOD AND HE SEEKS THE APPROVAL OF GOD, and he gets that approval from the confirmation of the Holy Spirit in his heart. He KNOWS – “I AM PLEASING TO MY FATHER. My Lord and my Master is pleased with me, I am walking in His ways.” If you do not sense the presence and the approval of God YOU ARE IN TROUBLE and you need to go on your knees and seek Jesus with all your heart! Get that trouble out! Get rid of that sin and come live in His presence every moment of your life. Either you are in His presence or you are away from Him!
Get rid of the hindrances and get into the presence of God and stay there, and make sure that you always sense the presence of God.
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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