Fighting the devil

If you decide to follow Jesus, you immediately enter into battle with satan and all his demons and he will do everything possible to get you to turn away from Jesus. He will tempt you, he will try you, he will try to kill you, he will try to demoralize you, he will attack you, he will try to seduce you, he will try anything to destroy you because then you have become his enemy. Many believers do not experience resistance from the devil because they have never started following Jesus. If you are serious about following Jesus and having eternal life, you will be in constant battle.
I assure you I am in constant battle. The devil continuously tries everything to destroy me. He has tried many times to kill me, he has made me sick to death, he has tried to kill me on the road, he has tried to demoralize me, coming into my dreams. He attacks me through false Christians, he attacks me all the time and I get worried when the devil does not attack me, either in my body or through other people or whatever other means the devil can find to come against me. Because if the devil is not against you then you are not a threat to him anymore.
Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against evil forces and principalities in the air. If you are not in the battle then you are not following Jesus. Just start living holy, just start obeying Jesus and you will see that friends will leave you, people will hate you. Those who you thought were your best friends, they will attack you and stick a knife into you. Your family will desert you, your wife, your spouse might leave you, your children might turn on you, the devil will be against you but in Jesus we are more than conquerors.
If you stay focused on Jesus, you will defeat the devil and there is only one way to get into the Kingdom of Heaven and that is you go in fighting. You don’t go into Heaven in a rocking chair. If you’ve got no resistance of the devil, if he is not trying to kill you and destroy you, then you are no threat to him, you are no problem. Get serious with Jesus and you will have the devil and all his demons against you. BUT the power of the Holy Spirit you will overcome. You need to be praying all the time, day and night.
We do not sleep through one night. We get up and pray because we are attacked by the devil but we are also visited by God. There is only one way dear friend, get into the battle or you will not win. Get into the fight or you will not win the prize. If you are not being attacked by the devil, then you are no threat to him. Then maybe you are even on his side, he is quite happy with you. Get into the fight and endure until the very end if you want to have eternal life.
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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