Most believers don’t get it!

Most believers don’t get it! They don’t have salvation, they don’t have Jesus! Salvation is KNOWING God the Father, but you have first got to get to know Jesus Christ, for real. You fall on your knees and you cry out to Him, you invite Him into your life. You cry out to Him, you call on Him and He comes into your life! He regenerates you, He makes you a NEW PERSON! And you KNOW, THAT YOU KNOW THAT YOU KNOW THAT JESUS IS ALIVE! He is real, because He has revealed Himself to you and you just want to please Him.
It is about that relationship with Jesus. It is not about reading the Bible, about going to church, about fellowship, it is about BEING WITH JESUS, because Jesus brings you into the Father house! He makes you a child of God, so that you can be with Father! Through Jesus, you are in relationship with Father. You can be speaking to Heavenly Father and you can be LISTENING to Him!
You OBEY Jesus, you are baptized in water and you come out of that water a new man, you ask Him for the baptism in the Holy Spirit and you are connected to God the Father with a heavenly tongue by which you communicate with the Father all the time. You wait on Him, you ask Him to guide you and that is how you know HOW TO BE PLEASING TO FATHER!
Have you met Jesus? Have you been made new, been born again, that you know that: I AM A CHILD OF GOD? That you know: I HAVE A FATHER? And I just want to be with Him! I just want to be pleasing to Him and I wait on Him in prayer. I wake up at night and I LISTEN, He speaks to me.
Have you met Jesus? Have you come into the Father’s house? Have you become a child of God? Is Jesus real to you? Is God your Father? Or are you just religious?
HAVE YOU BECOME A CHILD OF GOD? HAVE YOU GOT IT? HAVE YOU FOUND JESUS? If not, go on your knees now and cry out to Him, UNTIL YOU FIND HIM, for real!
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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