Don’t Quit! Don’t be a loser!

One of the easiest things that there is in life is to quit. We quit too easily. People split up and then they claim irreconcilable differences. All it means is that you are a quitter and a loser and you won’t make it and you repeat that pattern of failure. The one thing that the Lord Jesus taught me is to never quit, to persist, to endure.
To my shame I must say it took me twenty years to complete my first University degree. I quit half way through and then Jesus told me to go back to school and go and “finish what you started!” I went back and I finished my first degree and did a subsequent degree and then He sent me back to do a Master’s Degree, and He told me that I must do straight A’s, at the degree, no half measures! It was hard work!
If you want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven YOU CANNOT JUST QUIT! Stick at it! Endure! If you do not endure, YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT!
People just give up, they say:”It can’t be done!”, “I can’t stop sinning!”, “I cannot follow Jesus!”
Dear friend, if you want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you must endure, you must stop sinning, you must obey Jesus! You must become serious! YOU MUST COMMIT! Jesus taught me to commit and to endure and I thank Him for it because “I AM NO QUITTER NO MORE!”
If you want to get into the Kingdom of Heaven, you cannot quit friend, you have got to endure, with whatever you do and Jesus will give you the power to endure, to overcome and to win the prize!
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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