God does not tolerate rebellion

God is a merciful Father, but make no mistake, God does not tolerate disobedience or sin. God does not tolerate rebellion. He is ready to punish every rebellious act and each and every sin. Every sin that you have ever done is recorded and you will be punished for those sins if you do not repent and turn to Jesus for forgiveness and then obey Him. God is a loving Father. His mercy and His grace was so much that He sent Jesus to die for us before we were even born, but if we reject His mercy and His grace then there is no more grace. There is no more mercy. If we disobey Jesus, His words, we will perish. If we go on sinning after coming to the knowledge of the truth there is no more mercy, no more grace, just the expectation of the terrible fury of God.
God does not tolerate any disobedience or rebellion. He treats us as children. Those who disobey will be punished and if they do not repent they will perish. Those who are obedient children will live in His Kingdom for ever. Do not take a chance on God. Do not rebel against God. Become an obedient child, obey Jesus and do not rebel against Him because there is only one end for rebels and that is eternal damnation.
May Jesus bless you

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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3 Responses to God does not tolerate rebellion

  1. RJW says:

    Hi there Justice, if you can make the time to watch a video on youtube “Learn why Jesus banned heaven from famous uganda pastor”. It supports all that you have said. God bless!

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