God Answers Obedient Children

God is a loving Father and He cares for His children, more than any earthly father can care for their children. God is also Almighty. There is nothing that He cannot do and He answers the prayers of His children, of those who obey Him, those who believe in Jesus and who obey His Words, which are the Words of the Father. If you are a child of God then you have access to the Father, you can pray and He will answer your prayer, every prayer is answered but you’ve got to TRUST HIM because He knows what is BEST for you. God cares for us, He is TRAINING us, He is TEACHING us how to be children of God. And often we ask for things and we don’t receive it and then we think that God did not answer our prayer, or He doesn’t care. HE CARES but we must TRUST HIM, we must be PATIENT, we must WAIT ON HIM, we must SEEK HIM. Jesus said: “Seek FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and ALL the other things will be ADDED to you.” We want that we want and we ask God for something and then we want it NOW but God knows what He wants to achieve in us. He knows what is best for us. We must fit into God’s plan and there is nothing that God cannot do. But God uses everything, everything that happens in life He uses for our benefit. But we got to trust Him. As long as we are looking at that which we desire, that what I want from God, then I am not looking at Him. I must be looking at Him. I must seek HIS KINGDOM and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS. I must seek to be PLEASING TO HIM. I must be holy and righteous and then He will add all the other things to me. I must be an OBEDIENT CHILD who PATIENTLY WAITS ON his FATHER. He rewards those who DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM, who TRUST HIM. All God’s promises are conditional. If you OBEY, IF you WAIT ON HIM DILIGENTLY, IF you SEEK HIS KINGDOM, IF you TRUST HIM, if you don’t trust Him, He won’t help you. We must set our focus, our sight on God, on the Kingdom of God and then we will see Him answering our prayers. But if we do not seek Him DILIGENTLY, if we do not TRUST Him, WAIT on Him PATIENTLY, EXPECTANTLY, don’t expect to receive anything from God. Come to God as your FATHER, OBEY HIM and RESPECT HIM as FATHER and He will treat you as His beloved child. May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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