Satan is a murderer, a liar, a cheat, a destroyer. His job is to destroy mankind. He leads people into temptation and then when they fall he exposes them so that their nakedness and their shame can be seen by all men. He exposes people. If satan lives in people they don’t clothe their bodies. These celebrities all pull down their pants for everybody to see, they walk around naked and other people follow them, exposing themselves, their shame, their nakedness, for the whole world to see. They have no shame! In the end they are destroyed.
There are many people who claim to be believers and Christians, who work for the devil. They are always EXPOSING other people, they are slanderers, gossipers, evil talkers. They pull other people down, they tear other people down. They are workers of evil, agents of satan. They quote the scriptures and they pretend to be better than others but they are just exposing themselves for what they are, children of the devil.
Jesus came to cover our sins, if we repent and turn away from sin, He forgives our past sins! He washes us clean and He clothes us, He covers us with His love and He says He never remembers our sins and our iniquities again. He shows us the road to holiness and perfection so that we can be clothed with righteousness when we stand before the judgment throne.
Have you met Jesus? Has He clothed you with righteousness? Can people see from the outside that you belong to Jesus because you are properly clothed, you don’t expose your nakedness for the world to see? Come to Jesus and He will clothe you, and you yourself will not expose other people. You will love them, encourage them and protect them. LOVE WILL COVER A MULTITUDE OF SINS. If the love of Jesus is in you then you will not expose other people, you will not tear them down but you will build them up and bring them to Jesus so that they can be made whole, clothed in righteousness and suitable for the Kingdom of Heaven.
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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