Churches – Prisons of Religious Captives

Church organizations are prisons, the spider webs of men who with religion, have captured souls, made them slaves of their organizations, to serve them. They are sorcerers, they deceive people into submitting to the church and the church leadership and they exploit the people for their own benefit. The church builds itself and it has nothing to do with God or the Kingdom of God. It does not brings souls to Jesus, it does not bring them to eternal life. It brings them into bondage of the church. People feel obliged to go to church.
The church uses the Bible for it’s sorcery, it uses the scriptures and twists and applies the scriptures in such a way that it bonds people as slaves of the organization. Jesus came to make us free, free from the bondage of sin that held us captive, free from the lies and sorcery of people who have held us captive. He brings us into relationship with Himself and God the Father. He makes us absolutely free, so that we can be children of God. “In Him we live and move and have our existence.”
The true Body of Christ, the real Church is NOT AND ORGANIZATION, neither does any organization fit into it. It is those individuals who have submitted themselves to Jesus, to His words and have been brought into the presence of God through the Holy Spirit that dwells in them. They are a temple of the Holy Spirit, they are united to God. They have the mind of Christ in them, the Holy Spirit guiding them, moment by moment, they are free! They are not slaves of men, of organizations, they belong to Jesus! He bought them with His blood and they have become children of God. They obey God, they don’t obey people. They have been set free from bondage, they are not slaves of the world, of systems, of churches! Their only desire and obligation is to please their Father, God the Father. They are here to please God, and nobody else. They couldn’t care what other people think about them. They are not manipulated by people because they are children of God, they LISTEN to Him. They have His Holy Spirit IN THEM, they are guided by His Spirit, they do the will of God. They are not slaves of sin, they are not slaves of men, they have been set free. They are servants of God and children of God. THEY DO NOT BELONG TO A CHURCH, they have been set free! THEY ARE FREE! Whomever the Son of God has set free will be free indeed! HE IS NOT BOUND BY A CHURCH, HE IS NOT BOUND BY CONVENTION! He is bound by nothing, but the love of God, that lives in him MOTIVATES him to OBEY his Father and do the will of his Father. He is a child of God!
Have you been set free from the bondage of sin and from church and from convention? Have you become a child of God? Is your relationship with Jesus and with your Father, God? Have you become a child of God? Or are you still in the bondage of church and sin? Go on your knees and submit yourself to Jesus. Ask Him to bring you into the presence of God, to set you free from sin and from the bondage of religion, of churches. ASK HIM TO OPEN YOUR EYES SO THAT YOU CAN EXPERIENCE GOD AS YOUR FATHER and that you will have a desire to serve God your Father, be FREE FROM THE BONDAGE OF CHURCHIANITY! You are called to freedom, not to be a slave of people who exploit you.
May Jesus bless you.
“You were bought at a price; do not become slaves of men.” 1 Corinthians 7:23.

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