Get your house in order

Many people are continuously commenting on other people’s videos, they are finding fault and correcting other people. The question is: ARE YOU PLEASING TO JESUS? Am I pleasing to Jesus? Is my house in order? Is there anything in my house that is not pleasing to Jesus?
How is your relationship with Jesus? Do you pray? Do you hear from Him? Are you utterly obedient to Him? Do you really love Jesus? What motivates you? Is it because of love and care that you do what you do, or are you just finding fault?
When our Master comes He will judge us and with Him there is no favoritism. He will judge every man according to his works, according to his deeds. Are we doing what Jesus wants us to do? Are our deeds complete in His sight? We might say we believe in Jesus, we might quote the scriptures but if we are not doing what Jesus wants us to do then we prove ourselves to be fakes. Is your house in order? Are you right with Jesus? Is He pleased with you? We must each get our own house in order or else all our efforts are in vain and in the end we ourselves will be proven to be hypocrites and fakes and we will have our share with the hypocrites in the fires of hell!
Let us make sure that Jesus is pleased with us rather than finding fault with other people, let us get our relationship with Jesus right and keep it right.
Get your house in order!
May Jesus bless you

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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