Called to Freedom

Jesus calls us to freedom. The freedom of the sons of God because Jesus came to make us free. Free from sin, free from the fear of death. He brings us into the presence of the Living God, if we submit to Him, we obey Him and we follow Him. He makes us sons of God. You become a son through your RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS because then HE becomes your Lord and your Master. He takes you out of bondage and into His wonderful light. That is what He called us for. But you need to turn away from this world, you need to turn away from serving yourself and from going after your own desires. You need to totally submit to Him and that is why He said: “WHOEVER WISHES to come after Me, let him deny himself, pick up his cross every day and follow Me.” Jesus said that “My yoke is soft and My burden is light.” If we follow Jesus, He guides us every step of the way. But you cannot follow Jesus unless you have REPENTED, you have turned away from sin, you have turned away from seeking the things of the world. You need to have your sight set on Jesus and then He will guide you into freedom, the freedom of the sons of God and those whom the Son of God has set free, they will be free and free indeed.
The only way that we can bear fruit for the Kingdom of God is if we are IN CHRIST. If we are IN OBEDIENCE TO JESUS, in that CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM. And that does not come from reading your Bible, that comes from PRAYER and from your RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS. The Bible tells you about that RELATIONSHIP, but UNLESS you seek Jesus in PRAYER and in OBEDIENCE, in HOLINESS, you will never get into that RELATIONSHIP where you HEAR HIS VOICE, you LISTEN TO HIM and you FOLLOW HIM. His sheep LISTEN TO HIS VOICE and they FOLLOW HIM. They are worried about NOTHING. Why? Because they are sheep, they are free and they follow the SHEPHERD and He guides them. Dear friend, have you been set free? Are you following Jesus? Have you become A CHILD OF GOD?
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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