Build His House – Dream Revelation

I want to share with you a dream that I had last night. I dreamed that I was off the job for some time and I came back and I expected to be fired by my boss, but he did not fire me. He called a meeting and he told everybody to stick to the job, to work hard and then I walked out to my section where I work. Now I have never worked at this place, it was a place I did not know, but in any case, I came to this part of the building that was extremely dilapidated, it was falling to pieces. There were pieces of wood, planks in the floor and it was dangerous and I warned somebody who was with me, not to stand to close to the edge because he might fall down. It looked like it was about 5 stories down and then I said to this person: “We cannot break down this building, we must build it up, we must fix it up, because if we destroy it, there will be nothing left.” I started moving things around, and removing some obstacles that were lying in this place but then I remembered, that just before I walked out of the meeting, the boss said: That the electricity, the power is off, but it will be coming on.
I prayed about this and the Lord showed me the meaning of this dream. There was a time that I went away from Jesus and I did not do what He called me to do. And I expected Him never to take me back, but He took me back and He told me to get going, to preach this Gospel. This building that is in disrepair is the Church of Christ, the Body of Christ and we must work on it, we must restore it, we cannot discard it. The hirelings have been building on their own houses, their own little churches. They did not build onto the Body of Christ and He is calling us to build on His House and He said: That the Power will be coming on. The HOLY SPIRIT will be coming, the HOLY SPIRIT will be lighting up His Body. Dear friends, we must be diligent and we must build the House of God. All these churches have been building there own homes and they have been looking after themselves, not after the Kingdom of God. We need to go after the Kingdom of God and bring people INTO the House of God and He will send us the HOLY SPIRIT POWER so that we can preach the Gospel with POWER to build His House.
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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