Judgment is Coming – Word of the Lord 3/27/2012

Judgment is Coming – Word of the Lord 3/27/2012

I warn but many ignore My massages, they hear and accept what they want to hear. Those who do not accept My full counsel will perish. Many mock My messages – them I will also mock in the day of My wrath. Accept My counsel, LISTEN and your soul will live. Do not be stubborn like a mule but take heed, REPENT and you will live. Woe to those who call evil good and who call good evil. They pervert the truth to justify their sins – I will punish them for their perversion. I have sent My messengers but they have rejected them. They mocked and scoffed them. Thus will I also mock and scoff them if they do not repent and humble themselves before Me. Repent of your wicked ways, stop sinning, be righteous and holy. Remove your idols and seek Me. Do not delay. Do not put the day of the Lord as far off. I come as a thief in the night and will reward each man according to his deeds, good or bad. Fear Me, repent and you will live.
Do not listen to the wicked preachers who tell you nice things to sooth your convicted conscience – you will perish with them if you follow their perverted counsel. Listen to My Spirit that will convict you of sin, righteousness and judgment – turn before it will be for ever too late. Seek holiness, seek righteousness, be pure.
You who call yourself by My name, who say you are Christians, my judgment on you will come swiftly. Do not delay, mend your ways and seek Me lest you perish on the way. My Name is HOLY, I will be honored by all nations.

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